Holistic planning is our goal


Architecture is a process of developing and arranging through dialogue. The results of these dialogues with their specific requirements, is the design. This design, as well as the functional solution, is the result of an intensive examination of the functions of the building, the spatial design, the technical requirements and the environmental handling of resources.

Within the framework of a project's workflow, our focus goes beyond just the design. In order to meet the high requirements for execution and building operations - in terms of time and budget - we provide the same high priority to interdisciplinary construction planning and detail planning, tender and construction management.

Interior Design

Interior design describes the design, the planning and the realization of interior spaces and environments which acquire different meanings for people and interact with people and thus should remain flexible and changeable.

Interior design addresses the questions of the basic formal design of interiors and their structural organization, the choice of materials and products, the concepts of color and light, the construction and arrangement of furniture and fittings, and the integration of technology and media.

Laboratories and clean rooms

In laboratory planning, the interplay of organizational processes is particularly important to achieve maximum functionality. Our planning focuses in addition on safety in laboratory operation for secure operations, process reliability and error-free results.

Our goal is to combine the interests of the users through intelligent planning for maximum functionality and maximum cost efficiency for the clients.

Clean rooms are now indispensable in many industries; therefore, the air must be clean and dust-free. They are often required in the electronics and computer industry, by pharmaceutical companies and in the production of food and luxury goods. As different as the application areas, the requirements for the clean rooms themselves are as varied. In order to guarantee smooth and safe working conditions and efficient production, industry-specific conditions must be considered in relation to emissions and clean room classes.

Other Services

In addition to architectural, interior design, laboratory and clean-room design we also provide the following disciplines:

  • Project development and project management
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Urban development and landscape planning services
  • Geological services, surveys and building physics
  • Fire prevention
  • Site master planning